10 Best Apocalypse Movies Like The 5th Wave

If you’re a fan of cool science fiction and exciting end-of-the-world movies like The 5th Wave, then you’re in for a treat! These kinds of movies are like a rollercoaster ride for your imagination. They have super exciting action scenes, characters that make you think, and ideas that get your brain going.

If you love movies that make your heart race and your mind wander, you’re in the right place! So get ready to be entertained by some of the best movies like The 5th Wave in this category.

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Movies Like The 5th Wave

10 Best Similar Movies To Watch Like The 5th Wave

MoviesRun timeGenreIMDb Rating
Nope1h 30mHorror, sci-fi, Mystery7.5/10
Prey1h 39mSci-fi, Horror, Adventure7.2/10
Avatar2h 42mAction, Fantasy, Adventure7.8/10
Arrival1h 56mDrama, Mystery, Sci-Fi7.9/10
Edge of Tomorrow1h 53mAction, Sci-Fi, Adventure7.9/10
Prometheus2h 4mMystery, Sci-Fi, Adventure7.0/10
Alien3 1h 54mSci-fi, Horror, Action6.4/10
Signs1h 46mDrama, Mystery, Sci-Fi6.8/10
Under the skin1h 48mDrama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi6.3/10
District 91h 52msci-fi, Action, Thriller7.9/10
Movies To Watch Like The 5th Wave

Nope (2022) 

Nope is one of the most recent release movies which is quite similar to the 5th wave. It gets a good rating across the Globe. If you like horror and science fiction movies you should have to watch this movie.

nope movie like 5th wave

The story of the movie is moving around a girl with her brother who is living outside of the main city in a tourist place. They own a couple of horses which is their single income source. One night suddenly all lights in the home become off and their horse start disappearing one by one and an unknown subject appears in the sky. After all that happened, they started a campaign to take pictures of that mysterious object.

Prey (2022)

Discover a captivating cinematic experience like The 5th Wave with the movie ‘Prey.’ While it’s part of the ongoing Predator film series, anyone can enjoy this installment even without prior exposure to the franchise. ‘Prey’ has just hit the screens and is ready to enthrall audiences.

‘Prey’ presents a blend of science fiction and horror, weaving suspense, action, and thrills into its narrative. The film’s backdrop is a mysterious forest, where a skilled young huntress, Naru, embarks on a perilous journey alongside her faithful canine companion. Amidst the tranquility of the woods, a sinister and enigmatic creature emerges, wreaking havoc by preying on both humans and larger forest inhabitants.

Determined to prove her prowess as a hunter, Naru sets her sights on eliminating this baffling creature. The extraterrestrial being possesses advanced weaponry and an uncanny ability to vanish without a trace, making the task at hand even more challenging for Naru.

As the story unfolds, audiences are drawn into a high-stakes battle of wits and survival, as Naru faces the ultimate test of her skills. ‘Prey’ not only offers heart-pounding action but also delves into themes of courage and resourcefulness.

Avatar (2009)

The genre of the movie Avatar is action and adventure, a little bit of comedy, and full of mystery and suspense. Avatar is one of the most successful science fiction films that has topped the box office with 2 billion dollars. The story of the movie is in the future time 22 century, people are going to a lush habitable moon to my valuable things.

A local Group of humanoid species called Navi lives there. Due to this, the mission of humans is obstructed by these humanoid species.  A big war begins between the natives of Pandora and the human army. The movie Avatar was written, produced, and directed by James Cameron.

Arrival (2016)

Although the name of the movie is hinting at something to come if we said that the movie Arrival is about humanity then it’s not wrong.  Arrival means coming so here in the movie it’s about the alien arrival of alien craft.

12 mysterious spacecraft appear in different countries around the world because of them the whole world is scared. The impression of the movie’s arrival is similar to the fifth wave full of suspense and its science fiction genre.

Amy Adams plays the leading role in the film as Louise It’s very difficult to establish communication between aliens and humans but Louise, who is an expert in different languages in the world, starts work with the military to communicate with aliens.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best movies of Tom Cruise. You can see the surprise of sci-fi and a fantastic mix of action, a little bit of romance, and aliens invading. If you are interested in time loop action and alien invasion you should have to watch this movie. 

The movie is totally about a time loop and future prediction. Tom Cruise who plays the main role was thrown on a battlefield in a war against aliens, having no experience of fighting against the enemy and use of a weapon. He dies instantly, but the next moment a soldier kicks him, and when he wakes up, and opens her eyes. He is surprised to see that it is where he was brought to the military headquarters on the first day.

After that, he was forced by the army to relive the same process again and again. When dying a hundred times again and again then he learns the use of time loop to her advantage and figures out a way to win the war against the alien.

Prometheus (2012)

The movie Prometheus is co-produced and directed by famous director Ridley Scott. If we talk about the sights of the movie it’s brilliant. The cinematography, concept, and design of the movie are incredible. Everything looks big and interesting as things do happen then IQ starts dropping.

It’s a sci-fi horror movie taking place on a planet. A science crew on a spaceship is gone on a planet of aliens, the planet looks like the whole universe of that creature, where the alien-like parasites are trying to kill people and after it, a big war begins.

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Alien 3 (1992)

Movie Alien 3 is the third installment of the Alien patent and leads to a sequel Alien Resurrection. It is one of the gastful, horror, and sci-fi movies which have too many scenes of bleeding disorder. After escaping from an alien planet the spaceship of Ripley crashes and again lands on another planet of prison.

The other two partners of Ripley died in the crash, but one of the aliens remains alive and starts killing the people on a prison planet. Unfortunately, they have no weapons to fight with aliens. However, in the end, they kill the alien with melted iron and cold water, but Ripley finds an embryo of the alien queen in herself due to which she kills herself by jumping into hot melted iron.

Signs (2002)

Signs is a sci-fi horror movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan and it is one of the best movies of the alien genre. The movie is full of suspense and mystery it is hard to figure out what is going on until the very end.

similar movies with 5th wave

Graham Hess named a person who found some unusual signs in his crop field. He thinks his enemy did it but his whole family is terrified when they hear news about aliens on TV at night. After the passing of his wife, he lost faith in god. When the aliens attack his child he thinks his son is dead, but when his eyes suddenly open, he says that indeed God exists and he saved his son today.

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Under the Skin (2014)

Under the Skin is a science fiction film directed by the famous Jonathan Glazer. It stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who preys on hitchhikers in Scotland. The plot is based on Michel Faber’s book of the same name. 

The movie Under the Skin provides a haunting vision of an alien invasion, where the creatures are not the obvious threat to humanity. The main character is a seductive predator whose only goal is to take human lives that she deems unworthy. The movie shows how no person would be safe from such a powerful being, and what lengths people will go to survive.

District 9 (2009)

In this film related to aliens, it is seen that a huge alien ship arrives on Earth. It is discovered after communicating with them that they are unable to return because a part of their ship has been damaged. As a result, the government relocates them to a camp in a region also known as District 9 where millions of aliens reside.

When the aliens attempt to make a comeback following a 20-year hiatus, their efforts get thwarted, and an organization known as Multi-National United (MNU) seizes their weapons. Subsequently, MNU initiates efforts to regulate the aliens and their weaponry, sparking a conflict between MNU and one of its employees.


No there is no news about any other installment of 5th wave because of its normal box-office collection in the first edition.

You should have to watch the following best match movies with the 5th wave
Edge of tomorrow
District 9

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