Emotionally Resonant Movies Like Precious That Leave a Lasting Impact

Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel all sorts of emotions? Well, there’s a special kind of movie, just like Precious, that shows us how life can be tough sometimes, but also how we can overcome challenges and shine bright. Remember how “Precious,” told a touching story? Guess what, other movies do that too! These movies talk about being strong when things get hard, growing as a person, and showing how amazing people can be.

If you like the movie Precious and want to watch more similar movies of the same genre, then you should have to look at the following list of movies that are like Precious. So, let’s go on a journey to discover some awesome films that make us feel just like how Precious did!

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Precious (2009)

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Best SimilarMovies like precious

In the city of Harlem, a fat, illiterate girl named Precious is pregnant for the second time by her absent father. She lives with her abusive ass mom, who treats her very badly. Precious has reached 9th grade with good marks but she has no knowledge about anything and much more she even can’t read still. The girl was sent to an alternative school where she could not improve either. Later his mother takes him to a social worker on welfare.

Best Similar Movies to Watch Like Precious

We have meticulously curated a list of the best similar movies that will leave you equally moved and inspired. From heart-wrenching dramas to uplifting tales of resilience, these cinematic gems are bound to captivate your senses and take you on an unforgettable journey.

Movies like precious
Pieces of A Woman 2h 6mDrama7.0/10
Beautiful Boy2hBiography, Drama7.3/10
Private Life2h 3mComady, Drama7.2/10
A Quiet Place 1h 30mSci-fi, Drama, Horror7.3/10
Marriage Story2h 17mDrama, Romance7.9/10
Never Rarely Sometimes Always1h 41mDrama7.4/10
Speak1h 37mHorror, Drama, Thriller6.6/10
Gimme Shelter1h 41mDrama6.4/10
The Color Purple (1985)2h 34mDrama7.7/10
Moonlight (2016)1h 52mDrama7.4/10
Movies like Precious with Run time, Genre, and IMDb Rating

Pieces of a Woman (2020)

Pieces of a Woman is a drama film based on the loss of a child, a husband-wife relationship, mother in law son in law relationship, and women in labor, especially motherhood and pregnancy.

The story follows Martha, played by Vanessa Kirby, who lately suffered the loss of her newborn, and after the baby’s loss, she learned to live alongside her loss.

Moonlight (2016)

If you enjoyed “Precious,” you’re in for another emotionally impactful treat with the movie “Moonlight.” Just like “Precious,” “Moonlight” is a movie that dives deep into personal struggles and growth. It follows the life of a young boy named Chiron as he navigates his way through difficult circumstances and questions his identity. The movie beautifully portrays Chiron’s journey as he faces challenges related to his family, friendship, and self-discovery.

“Moonlight” captures the essence of human connections and the power of resilience, much like “Precious.” It explores themes of identity, acceptance, and finding strength within oneself. With its moving performances and thought-provoking storytelling, “Moonlight” leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. Just as “Precious” touched your heart, “Moonlight” will take you on an emotional journey that you won’t soon forget.

Beautiful Boy (2018)

This movie is a biographical drama that Felix van Groeningen directs, which is sentimental, rough, and based on true events.

Beautiful boy movie is about the daily increasing drug addiction among youth and its domestic and social effects. The film follows a father, David, who is trying to get his son Nic off drugs, who has become dangerously addicted to drugs. Despite his best efforts, the boy keeps taking drugs again and again.

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Private Life (2018)

The movie Private Life is one of the most beautiful and touching movies of 2018. The film focuses on a couple who are trying to have a child, but they discover that they cannot because they have different DNA. Their effort to get pregnant are fruitless after they go through many struggles and tribulations.

They both decide on adoption as an option and try their best to make it work. The story is about how two people can overcome all odds and still find love. The movie showed us how great love can be when you give up everything for it.

A Quiet Place (2018)

In 2018, John Krasinski directed and Bryan Woods and Scott Beck wrote the science fiction thriller film A Quiet Place. Various Pittsburgh locations were used for filming that movie.

 The film tells the story of a family living in silence on an isolated farm after mysterious creatures resembling predatory bats began attacking nearby townsfolk. The story follows the Abbott family as they learn to survive in their new environment. The family must avoid making any sound at all while communicating with one another through sign language to prevent detection by the creatures.

Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story is a 2019 American comedy film directed by Jason Moore. The film stars Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, and Kristen Wiig. It was released on Netflix.

Marriage Story follows the struggles of two couples in their 40s who are looking to start over after they have been married for more than 20 years and have grown apart due to different careers, family schedules, and other factors.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)

The story of a seventeen-old girl Autumn from Pennsylvania who becomes pregnant at a young age. She used to go for her examination in the hospital, after which she decided to have an abortion, but the doctors forbade her saying that it is not possible without the permission of the parents.

After that, she goes to New York with her teenage cousin friend to have an abortion, where she has to face a lot of challenges besides the doctor’s countless questions.

Speak (2004)

Movie Speak is a Drama film based on rape victims, teenage girl life, unsupportive friend, sexual abuse, and family problems. Jessica Sharzer directs the movie Speak.

The story of Speak movie is the same as Precious. This movie story follows a young teenage girl Melinda who enters high school and has decided not to talk much with anyone which shows that she was facing a severe problem in her life. She is trying to hide her secrets because she is a victim of sexual harassment.

Gimme Shelter (2013)

The story is about a girl who is mistreated by her mother, who takes different types of drugs. She runs away from home due to her mother’s actions and abuse. She wanders the streets and takes refuge with her father, but when he learns that she is pregnant, he also rejects her. After which a priest shelters him. This Drama-based film Gimme Shelter is exactly matched with precious movies.

The Color Purple (1985)

The Color Purple is a 1985 film directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker. This film tells the story of Celie, an African American woman living in the early 20th century, who is subjected to abuse and mistreatment by her family and the men in her life. Despite the challenges she faces, Celie finds the strength to overcome her struggles and find her voice.

The Color Purple is a powerful and emotional film that explores themes of race, gender, and the human spirit. This film is a must-watch for movie lovers of precious who appreciate powerful storytelling and strong performances. With its deep emotional message and historical relevance, The Color Purple is a film that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

More Precious Like Movies Recommend by Filmbreez

  • Angela’s Ashes (1999)
  • Mysterious Skin (2004)
  • The Magdalene Sisters (2002)
  • Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004)


The movies listed above are all powerful and thought-provoking dramas that explore a wide range of themes and emotions. While each movie has its own unique story to tell, they all share a common thread of exploring complex human experiences and the struggles that people face in their lives.

From the heartbreaking and poignant story of “Pieces of a Woman” to the powerful and inspiring tale of survival in “The Color Purple”, these movies are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.


The point of the movie Precious is to depict the struggles of a young, African American girl named Precious who is dealing with poverty, abuse, and neglect. The film aims to bring awareness to these issues and the impact they have on individuals and their communities.

Precious is a powerful and moving film that deals with difficult and heavy subject matter such as poverty, abuse, and neglect. As a result, it can be emotionally challenging to watch.

At the end of the movie “Precious,” She becomes a more confident person and starts to envision a better future for herself. The movie ends with Precious holding her newborn child, who she names Abdul, and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life.

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