Get Rich Or Die Trying: 15 Must-See Movies Like Paid in Full

Do you enjoy crime dramas like Paid in Full? Then this suggestive blog is ideal for you! Discover 15 thrilling Movies like “Paid in Full” that you simply must see. The following movie list showcases a mix of classic and modern thrillers that share common traits with enduring 2002 classics. Each film boasts an engaging storyline, themes, and unforgettable characters. Discover your new favorite movie by reading on for a detailed analysis of each film. First, have a look at the plot of the movie paid in full.

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Paid in full (2002)

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Directed by Charles Stone Paid in Full is a  crime drama film. The story revolves around three childhood friends from Harlem who follow different paths in life but ultimately reunite due to their involvement in the drug trade. It is considered a classic tale. The film is based on the true story of notorious drug lord Alpo Martinez’s rise and fall. “Paid in Full” is known for its intense storytelling, memorable characters, and raw portrayal of the 1980s drug trade.
The film has earned a cult following due to its widespread popularity among both hip-hop enthusiasts and general movie-goers, who hold it in high regard.

List of Similar Movies To Watch Like paid in full

Similar movies like paid in full with Run time, Genre, and IMBd Rating.

Movie TitleRun TimeGenreIMDb Rating
Boyz n the Hood112 minCrime, Drama7.8/10
Menace II Society97 minCrime, Drama7.5/10
New Jack City97 minAction, Crime, Drama6.7/10
Juice95 minAction, Crime, Drama7.1/10
The Wood106 minComedy, Drama, Romance7.1/10
Above the Rim96 minCrime, Drama, Sport6.6/10
Higher Learning127 minCrime, Drama, Romance6.5/10
Dead Presidents119 minAction, Crime, Drama6.9/10
Belly96 minCrime, Drama6.0/10
Wash93 minComedy, Crime4.8/10
Blue Streak93 minAction, Comedy, Crime6.3/10
Next Friday98 minComedy6.1/10
Friday91 minComedy, Drama7.3/10
House Party100 minComedy, Music6.4/10
Do the Right Thing120 minComedy, Drama7.9/10

Boyz n the Hood (1991)

Boyz n the Hood is an American film directed by John Singleton. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. Ice Cube, and Morris Chestnut and follows the lives of three young men growing up in South Central Los Angeles. The movie explores themes of friendship, family, identity, and the challenges faced by young African American men in inner-city communities.

The filmmakers shot the movie on location in South Central Los Angeles, using residents as extras. This gives the film a realistic feel and contributes to its reputation as a faithful depiction of inner-city life in the US. This authentic approach contributes to the gritty and genuine tone of the movie.

Boyz n the Hood is a must-see for movie lovers who enjoy films that offer a unique perspective on inner-city life. The film’s powerful performances and thought-provoking themes will leave a lasting impression. If you’re a fan of movies like Paid in Full, you’ll appreciate “Boyz n the Hood.” Both films delve into similar themes of inner-city life and the challenges faced by young men of color.

Menace II Society (1993)

“Menace II Society” is a classic crime drama film released in 1993, directed by the Hughes brothers. The movie’s plot takes place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles and follows the story of a young man named Caine, who struggles to escape the perpetual cycle of gang violence and poverty. The movie depicts the harsh realities of life in the inner city, including issues like drug abuse, poverty, and gun violence. The movie’s authentic and raw depiction of inner-city life is recognized as a realistic portrayal.

The movie has amassed a cult following and many people draw comparisons between it and other urban crime dramas such as “Paid in Full.” The film’s lead actor, Tyrin Turner, gave a powerful performance and helped to solidify the film’s place in movie history.

New Jack City (1991)

Directed by Mario Van Peebles, “New Jack City” is a crime drama film released in 1991. The movie stars Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, and Chris Rock and follows the story of a ruthless drug lord named Nino Brown who runs a drug empire in New York City. Ice-T portrays Detective Scotty Appleton, who is assigned the challenging task of bringing Nino to justice. To do so, Scotty must navigate the perilous and corrupt world of inner-city drug trafficking

Similar to “Paid in Full,” “New Jack City” offers a dark and intense look at the drug world and the criminal underworld. The movie addresses significant societal issues like drug abuse, poverty, and police corruption, and provides a realistic portrayal of inner-city life. The movie “New Jack City” has garnered praise from audiences and critics alike, and was a commercial success with a box office revenue of over $48 million worldwide.

Juice (1992)

“Juice” is a crime drama film released in 1992, directed by Ernest R. Dickerson. The film takes place in Harlem and follows the story of four childhood friends who navigate through dangerous and violent streets while trying to escape the cycle of poverty and gang violence. Tupac Shakur’s character, Bishop, faces a dilemma between his allegiance to friends and a crime-free existence.

The movie Juice deals with themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of crime. “Juice” was well-received by audiences and critics, and is considered a classic of the urban crime genre. “Juice” offers a raw and realistic portrayal of inner-city life and the challenges faced by young people growing up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. The film’s intense plot and powerful performances make it a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences.

The Wood (1999)

“The Wood” is a coming-of-age comedy-drama film released in 1999, directed by Rick Famuyiwa. The film takes place in the 1980s and follows the story of three childhood friends from Inglewood, California, as they navigate the ups and downs of adulthood. In the film, the protagonist Roland is preparing for his upcoming wedding but is struggling with memories. The movie portrays his inner turmoil compellingly.

The film is a nostalgic look at the joys and challenges of growing up and deals with themes such as friendship, love, and the importance of family. The coming-of-age film “The Wood” garnered positive reception from viewers and developed a dedicated following as a cult classic.

“The Wood” offers a heartwarming and humorous portrayal of life in the inner city and the relationships that form during childhood and continue into adulthood. The film’s charming performances, witty writing, and nostalgic setting make it a timeless classic that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

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Above the Rim (1994)

The 1994 sports drama movie “Above the Rim” was directed by Jeff Pollack. The movie is set in the inner city of New Jersey and centers around Kyle Lee Watson, a talented high school basketball player. Kyle struggles to balance his life between two vastly different worlds – the dangers of the streets and the structured world of organized basketball. The film also stars Tupac Shakur as a former basketball star turned drug lord who becomes embroiled in Kyle’s life.

“Above the Rim” tackles themes such as the allure of street life, the pressure of success, and the importance of family. Audiences highly praised the movie, which grossed over $21 million worldwide and became a box office hit. The film’s intense plot, powerful performances, and gritty setting make it a must-see for fans of sports dramas and urban crime films. Regardless of one’s interest in basketball or crime dramas, “Above the Rim” is a classic movie that stands the test of time and is worth watching.

Higher Learning (1995)

Higher Learning is a socially conscious drama film released in 1995, directed by John Singleton. The film takes place in a fictional university and follows the story of three incoming students as they navigate college life and confront larger societal issues such as racism and prejudice.

The film stars Malik, a black man from South Central Los Angeles, Kristen, a privileged white woman, and Remy, a shy and introverted man. As they struggle to find their place in the world, they must confront their demons and prejudices, as well as larger societal issues.

“Higher Learning” is a timeless film that explores the challenges young individuals face as they transition into adulthood. The movie’s complex characters and themes continue to captivate audiences, with its message about tolerance and understanding remaining relevant today. The film’s portrayal of college life offers insights into the difficulties individuals from different backgrounds may experience in relating to one another. 

Dead Presidents (1995)

Directed by the Hughes Brothers, the film follows the story of a young man named Anthony Curtis. Who returns home from the Vietnam War to find himself struggling to make ends meet. Desperate for money, he turns to a life of crime, joining a group of former soldiers who plan to rob an armored car.

The film explores themes such as the struggle for survival in inner-city communities, the consequences of war, and the seductive power of easy money. Dead Presidents was well-received by audiences and critics and is considered a classic of the crime genre.

Dead Presidents realistically depicts urban life and the challenges faced by returning war veterans. Its gripping story, impressive acting, and poignant themes make it a must-see for fans of crime dramas and socially conscious films.

Belly (1998)

Belly is a crime drama film released in 1998, directed by Hype Williams. The film follows the story of two childhood friends, Tommy and Sincere, who are drawn into the dangerous world of organized crime. As they rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, they must confront the consequences of their actions and the reality of their choices.

The film explores themes such as the lure of easy money, the importance of friendship, and the consequences of crime. “Belly” was well-received by audiences and critics, and is considered a classic of the crime genre. Belly offers a raw and powerful portrayal of inner-city life and the consequences of crime.

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Wash (2001)

Wash is a comedy film released in 2001, directed by D.J. Pooh. The film stars Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as two friends working as car wash employees. As they navigate the ups and downs of their jobs, they find themselves caught up in a series of hijinks and misadventures that threaten to undermine their friendship and their livelihood.

Wash is a lighthearted and humorous take on the crime genre, offering a fresh and entertaining perspective on inner-city life. The film’s comedic performances, witty writing, and engaging plot make it a must-see for fans of comedy and crime dramas. The film’s unique blend of humor and insight makes it a standout film that continues to captivate audiences years after its initial release.

Blue Streak (1999)

Blue Streak is a 1999 comedy-action film directed by Les Mayfield and starring Martin Lawrence as Miles Logan, a master jewel thief. The movie follows Miles as he attempts to retrieve a stolen diamond that he had hidden in a construction site, which is now a police precinct.

To retrieve the diamond, Miles poses as a police officer and manages to get himself assigned to the precinct. He then sets out to find the diamond while trying to avoid detection by his fellow officers and a tough police captain (Peter Greene).

The film’s humor and action scenes, along with Martin Lawrence’s excellent performance, make for a thrilling and entertaining experience. The film also features supporting roles from actors such as Luke Wilson, Dave Chappelle, and Nicole Ari Parker. Blue Streak and Paid in Full share a common thread of exploring themes of crime and redemption, as their charismatic characters employ their sharp intelligence to maneuver through the criminal underworld.

Next Friday (2000)

The movie is a sequel to the highly successful “Friday” and takes place one week after the events of the first film. In “Next Friday,” Ice Cube’s character, Craig Jones, is forced to leave South Central Los 

Angeles and move in with his uncle Elroy (Witherspoon) in the suburbs after getting into trouble with a local gang. Craig soon finds himself in new, unfamiliar surroundings and must navigate his way through a series of wild and hilarious misadventures. “Next Friday” is filled with non-stop laughs, relatable characters, and a killer soundtrack, making it a must-see for fans of urban comedies and hip-hop culture. If you loved “Paid in Full” and are looking for a movie with similar themes, be sure to check out Next Friday.

Friday (1995)

“Friday” is a 1995 cult classic comedy film. The movie center is two friends, Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Tucker), as they spend a wild and unbelievable Friday in South Central Los Angeles. Craig and Smokey’s eventful day is characterized by comical mishaps and unforeseen turns, such as their encounters with their indolent neighbor and their pursuit of marijuana.

“Friday” is known for its catchy one-liners, relatable characters, and undeniable cultural impact, making it a timeless classic in the world of urban comedies. With its iconic soundtrack, unforgettable quotes, and unforgettable performances, this movie is a must-see for fans of hip-hop culture and comedy.

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House Party (1990)

Starring Kid ‘n Play, Martin Lawrence, and Tisha Campbell, the movie follows the story of two high school students. Kid (Kid ‘n Play) and Play (Christopher Reid). As they plan a wild and unforgettable house party. “House Party” is a celebrated movie of its era and a defining work in the hip-hop genre, renowned for its lively soundtrack, dynamic characters, and constant humor.

The movie was a critical and commercial success, spawning two sequels, and establishing Kid ‘n Play as one of the biggest musical duos of the 1990s. With its catchy tunes, relatable story, and unforgettable performances, this movie is a must-see for fans of comedy.

Do the Right Thing (1989)

Do the Right Thing is a drama film directed by Spike Lee, featuring an all-star cast of Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee. The movie takes place on a hot summer day in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, providing a snapshot of the lives of its diverse residents as they deal with complex issues of race, class, and gentrification.

The film “Do the Right Thing” was a success, receiving Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Danny Aiello). It is a classic of American cinema, lauded for its impactful performances, insightful themes, and remarkable cinematography. Even after 30+ years, the movie remains highly relevant due to its timeless nature and cultural significance.


The films mentioned above are all Significant works that offer compelling insights into the world of crime and inner-city life. These movies like paid in full are must-sees for fans of crime dramas and socially conscious films. They also offer powerful performances, captivating plots, and thought-provoking themes. No matter if you are a fan of crime dramas, comedies, or just enjoy films with strong messages. These timeless classics are sure to captivate and entertain.


“Paid in Full” is a crime drama film that was released in 2002. It’s based on the true story of three drug dealers in Harlem in the 1980s who become involved in a life of crime and money, ultimately leading to their downfall.

If you enjoyed “Paid in Full,” you might also enjoy movies like “New Jack City,” “Scarface,” “Boyz n the Hood,” “Menace II Society,” “Juice,” and “The Godfather.”

Yes, there are several TV shows that explore similar themes as “Paid in Full.” Some popular choices include “The Wire,” “Narcos,” “Snowfall,” and “Breaking Bad.”

Yes, many great movies and TV shows explore the world of drug trafficking and crime. Some recommendations include “The Sopranos,” “The Departed,” “Goodfellas,” “The Shield,” “Training Day,” and “Ozark.”

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