11 Movies like “I Like It Like That”: Uncover Hidden Gems

Dive into the vibrant and spirited world of “I Like It Like That” – a film that captures the essence of life’s chaotic beauty with a touch of humor and heart. This 1994 gem, set in the Bronx, tells the tale of Lisette and her journey through love, adversity, and self-discovery. If you’re captivated by movies like “I Like It Like That,” which blends humor with real-life struggles and vibrant cultural backdrops, then you’re in for a treat. Let’s embark on a cinematic journey exploring films that resonate with the unique spirit of “I Like It Like That.”

1. Real Women Have Curves (2002)

A delightful blend of humor and earnestness, “Real Women Have Curves” echoes the themes of “I Like It Like That” in its celebration of self-acceptance and cultural identity. The story revolves around Ana, a young Latina woman, navigating the pressures of traditional values and her dreams. Similar to “I Like It Like That,” this film showcases the challenges and triumphs of its protagonist with a charming mix of laughter and life lessons.

2. Mi Familia (1995)

“Mi Familia” captures the multi-generational saga of a Mexican-American family, reminiscent of the familial themes in “I Like It Like That.” The film’s exploration of cultural identity, family bonds, and personal growth mirrors Lisette’s journey. Both movies offer a heartwarming look at the complexities and joys of family life within a vibrant cultural tapestry.

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3. La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) (2007)

This touching film tells the story of a young boy’s journey to reunite with his mother across borders. “La Misma Luna” shares with “I Like It Like That” a deep sense of cultural identity and the struggles of familial love. Its poignant narrative and emotional depth make it a compelling watch, echoing the heartfelt dynamics of “I Like It Like That.”

4. Girlfight (2000)

“Girlfight” stands out for its portrayal of a strong-willed Latina protagonist, much like Lisette in “I Like It Like That.” The film follows Diana’s quest to break gender barriers in the world of boxing. It resonates with themes of empowerment, resilience, and defying societal expectations, paralleling the empowering narrative of “I Like It Like That.”

5. Bread and Roses (2000)

Set against the backdrop of labor rights struggles, “Bread and Roses” reflects the social awareness and community spirit found in “I Like It Like That.” It tells the story of two sisters fighting for better conditions for janitors in Los Angeles. This film, like “I Like It Like That,” combines personal growth with a larger societal context, offering a stirring and insightful watch.

6. Spanglish (2004)

“Spanglish” delves into the complexities of cultural identity and family dynamics, akin to “I Like It Like That.” The film navigates the challenges faced by a Mexican immigrant family adapting to life in the U.S. Both movies share an engaging blend of humor and emotional depth, making “Spanglish” a perfect addition to this list.

7. In the Heights (2021)

“In the Heights” is a musical masterpiece that vibrantly captures the essence of a close-knit community, echoing the lively atmosphere of “I Like It Like That.” Set in Washington Heights, New York, it’s a celebration of dreams, love, and cultural identity, much like Lisette’s story. With its dynamic musical numbers and heartfelt narrative, this film is a colorful ode to the joys and struggles of chasing dreams in a world brimming with both challenges and hope. It’s a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the energetic and emotive storytelling similar to “I Like It Like That.”

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8. The Perez Family (1995)

“The Perez Family” is a delightful blend of comedy and drama that mirrors the themes of family and cultural identity found in “I Like It Like That.” It tells the tale of Cuban refugees in America, trying to rebuild their lives and forge new relationships. With its witty script and engaging characters, the film explores the complexities of starting over in a new world while holding onto cultural roots. It’s a story about finding love and belonging in the most unexpected places, much like Lisette’s journey in “I Like It Like That.”

9. East Side Sushi (2014)

“East Side Sushi” introduces us to a single mother’s pursuit of her culinary dreams, a narrative that aligns beautifully with the themes of ambition and resilience in “I Like It Like That.” This heartwarming film follows Juana as she endeavors to become a sushi chef, breaking cultural and gender barriers. It’s a tale of determination, passion, and the blending of cultures, offering an uplifting and inspiring story that fans of “I Like It Like That” will undoubtedly appreciate.

10. Our Family Wedding (2010)

“Our Family Wedding” brings to the screen a humorous and touching portrayal of an intercultural relationship, much like the dynamics in “I Like It Like That.” The movie revolves around a couple from different cultural backgrounds, dealing with the comedic chaos of their families coming together. It’s a celebration of love, family, and the sometimes messy but always beautiful merging of cultures. This film captures the essence of embracing diversity and finding unity in love, resonating with the spirited atmosphere of “I Like It Like That.”

11. Crooklyn (1994)

Spike Lee’s “Crooklyn” is a poignant and vibrant depiction of family life in Brooklyn during the 1970s. Much like “I Like It Like That,” it’s a semi-autobiographical tale that captures the ups and downs of a close-knit family. With its rich, nostalgic atmosphere and a soundtrack that takes you back in time, “Crooklyn” is a journey through the joys, challenges, and unbreakable bonds of family. It’s a film that combines humor, emotion, and a deep sense of place, making it a compelling watch for those who cherish the themes and heart of “I Like It Like That.”


For those who relish films like “I Like It Like That,” these 11 movies offer a rich tapestry of stories that celebrate cultural identity, personal growth, and the resilience of the human spirit. Each film, in its unique way, captures the essence of “I Like It Like That” – a blend of humor, heart, and the vibrant complexities of life. So, immerse yourself in these cinematic treasures and continue your journey through stories that resonate with the unforgettable charm of “I Like It Like That.”

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