10 Modern Comedy Movies Like Game Night

Is your competitive spirit simmering, yearning for a cinematic night of twists, turns, and side-splitting laughter? Look no further than movies like Game Night, where friendly competition takes a hilariously dangerous turn. If you’re craving that perfect blend of suspense, humor, and unexpected shenanigans, grab your popcorn and prepare to join these adrenaline-pumping gems.

Movie TitleIMDB Rating“Game Night” TraitUnexpected Twist FactorLaugh-o-Meter
Date Night (2010)6.5Espionage twist!Mistaken identity leads to a world of secret agents.Hilarious fish-out-of-water moments.
Tag (2018)6.4The childhood game is gone pro!Escalating stakes and brutal pranks test lifelong friendships.Laugh-out-loud physical comedy.
The Nice Guys (2016)7.8Mismatched detective duo!Porn conspiracy and mob connections add a dark edge.Sharp-witted banter and action sequences.
Murder Mystery (2019)6.0Agatha Christie meets “Game Night”Whodunit mystery with red herrings and unexpected suspects.Slapstick humor and witty repartee.
Rough Night (2017)6.2Bachelorette party gone wrong!R-rated cover-up with drug dealers and strip clubs.Outrageous humor and dark comedic moments.
Ready or Not (2019)6.6Deadly game of hide-and-seek!Bride becomes the hunted in a wealthy family’s twisted tradition.Dark humor and suspenseful cat-and-mouse chase.
Palm Springs (2020)7.5Time loop with a twist!Romantic comedy meets sci-fi as characters relive the same day over and over.Thought-provoking humor and heartwarming moments.
Game Over, Man! (2018)6.1Escape room meets deadly reality!Friends become targets in a billionaire’s high-stakes game.Nonstop action and self-aware humor.
Booksmart (2019)7.6High school party cram session!Studious teens navigate awkward encounters and hilarious misadventures.Relatable characters and witty dialogue.
Superbad (2007)7.8Nerd quest for alcohol and love!Cringe-worthy moments and outrageous humor in a classic teen comedy.Quotable lines and slapstick gags.
Movies Like Game Night

1. Date Night (2010)

Claire and Phil Foster’s routine date night transforms into a wild goose chase when Phil loses his wallet containing a mysterious key linked to an illegal poker game. Their quest for answers plunges them into a hilarious world of espionage and adventure, complete with undercover identities, high-stakes poker, and even a runaway ostrich. Think “Game Night” with a dash of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” for a night of laughter that’s sure to reignite any spark.

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2. Tag (2018)

Five childhood friends continue their annual game of tag into adulthood, with hilarious and sometimes brutal consequences. Even though the escalating stakes and playful rivalry mirror the competitive spirit of movies like Game Night, this film takes a heartwarming turn, reminding us that the power of friendship can withstand even the most ridiculous (and painful) of games. As alliances shift and childhood grudges resurface, the film reminds us that the bonds of friendship can withstand even the most ridiculous (and painful) of games.

3. The Nice Guys (2016)

Buckle up for a 1970s Los Angeles caper comedy with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as a mismatched detective duo. Holland March, a slick private eye, and Jackson Healy, a muscle-bound enforcer, are thrown together to investigate the disappearance of a missing girl.

Their investigation delves into a tangled web of mobsters, corrupt officials, and pornographers, while their constantly clashing personalities provide endless comedic fodder. Expect “Game Night’s” dark humor amped up with sharp-witted dialogue and action-packed sequences, all wrapped in a nostalgic haze of polyester suits and disco beats.

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4. Murder Mystery (2019)

Nick and Audrey Spitz, a New York couple desperately trying to regain their spark, find themselves caught in a real-life murder mystery aboard a luxury yacht. When a billionaire guest is found dead, everyone becomes a suspect. With its Agatha Christie-inspired plot and comedic twists, “Murder Mystery” delivers “Game Night’s” suspense with a healthy dose of whodunit fun.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston bring their signature comedic timing to the roles, as they stumble through clues, interrogate suspects, and desperately try to avoid becoming the next victims.

5. Rough Night (2017)

A bachelorette party weekend in Miami takes a disastrous turn when the bride-to-be’s stripper accidentally dies. Scarlett Johansson leads the hilarious ensemble as Jess, the uptight maid of honor, and her friends as they scramble to cover their tracks before anyone discovers the body.

Rough Night delivers “Game Night’s” chaotic escapade with an R-rated edge, as the women navigate strip clubs, drug dealers, and a hilariously inept cover-up that goes from bad to worse. Get ready for outrageous humor, dark secrets, and a lesson in female friendship tested under the most absurd circumstances. If you are fan of movies with female lead watch The heat and similar movies.

6. Ready or Not (2019)

Grace, a newlywed bride, must play a game of hide-and-seek with her wealthy in-laws. Only they’re armed with hunting rifles and she’s the target. This dark comedy thriller takes the competitive spirit of “Game Night” to a whole new level, as Grace uses her wits and resourcefulness to survive the night. Samara Weaving delivers a breakout performance as the resourceful bride, while the film itself throws genre expectations out the window, blending humor, horror, and suspense into a wild and unpredictable ride.

7. Palm Springs (2020)

Nyles and Sarah meet at a wedding and hit it off, but their perfect day takes a strange turn when they get stuck in a time loop, reliving the same wedding over and over again. This romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist offers a unique take on “Game Night’s” themes of competition and unexpected turns. As Nyles and Sarah learn to navigate their endless loop, they develop a unique bond and ultimately discover what truly matters in life.

8. Game Over, Man! (2018)

Three friends attend a billionaire’s high-stakes escape room challenge, only to discover it’s all too real when they become targets in a deadly game. This action-comedy throws its characters into a series of increasingly dangerous scenarios, with each room designed to test their physical and mental skills.

Expect “Game Night’s” playful competition infused with nonstop action, explosions, and over-the-top stunts, all delivered with a healthy dose of self-aware humor and witty banter. Don’t miss the hilariously meta moment when the characters realize they’re in a movie, breaking the fourth wall and adding another layer of absurdity to the already zany plot.

9. Booksmart (2019)

Two studious high school seniors decide to cram four years of partying into one epic night before graduation. What starts as a quest to make up for lost social experience quickly unravels into a series of chaotic misadventures, from accidental drug consumption to awkward encounters with bullies and crushes.

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Booksmart captures the spirit of Game Night camaraderie and competitive spirit, albeit in a high school setting. As Molly and Amy navigate the night, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, self-acceptance, and the importance of embracing unexpected experiences.

10. Superbad (2007)

Seth and Evan, two high school nerds, embark on a quest to score alcohol for a house party and impress their crushes. This classic teen comedy is packed with outrageous humor, cringe-worthy moments, and unexpected twists, reminiscent of “Game Night’s” chaotic energy. From fake IDs and awkward first kisses to police chases and a giant inflatable penis, “Superbad” delivers nonstop laughs and leaves a lasting impression on viewers long after the credits roll.


With this eclectic mix of comedy thrillers, action capers, and genre-bending adventures, you’re sure to find the perfect film to satisfy your craving for laughter, suspense, and unexpected turns. So gather your friends, grab your snacks, and prepare to unleash your inner sleuth with these movies like Game Night. Remember, the night is still young, and the games are just beginning!

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